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ORA Technology for Cataract Surgery

Here at Bausch Eye Associates, we are committed to offering our patients the best that cataract technology has to offer – always. So, with that commitment in mind, we offer the ORA™ system! The ORA™ system allows our cataract surgeons to offer amazing, fully customized procedures with successful outcomes. If you want to be one of many to undergo cataract surgery with the ORA™ system, keep reading to learn more!

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Cataract Surgery – The Basics

Before we can talk about the amazing ORA™ system, it is helpful to know the basics of how cataract surgery works. So, how exactly does cataract surgery work? Cataracts form when the natural lens inside of the eye becomes foggy. This is most often the result of age and the breakdown of the proteins in the eye. Cataracts cause blurry, discolored, and dim vision. To correct this issue, the natural lens must e removed entirely and replaced with an IOL (intraocular lens). During cataract surgery, your surgeon will make an incision in your eye. Through this incision, your surgeon will perform a capsulotomy (removal of a portion of the capsule, which is the membrane the encloses the natural lens.) Once your surgeon has access to the cataract, they will use a tool to break up the cataract. Once broken up, the cataract is removed through a suction device. The intraocular lens is positioned in place of the natural lens, and then surgery is over!

Where Does the ORA™ System Come In?

The ORA™ system is helpful in many aspects of cataract surgery. The ORA™ system is a machine that allows your surgeon to achieve high levels of accuracy during cataract surgery. With the ORA™ system, your surgical outcomes are more predictable than ever before. Using this system, your surgeon can provide the best results possible. Before your cataract surgery, your surgeon will use the ORA™ system to predict if your chosen IOL will have the desired results for you. Based on this information, your doctor will make adjustments to the IOL if necessary. The ORA™ system provides real-time micro-measurements during cataract surgery. Your cataract surgeon can use these measurements during surgery to ensure everything is in the right place at all times. This is very helpful when placing the IOL, as the ORA™ system can tell your surgeon when the IOL is in place for optimal results.

How Does the ORA™ System Work?

The ORA™ system uses a technology called WaveFront aberrometry, or intraoperative aberrometry. This is the same technology used during LASIK to provide a map of the corneal surface. Using this technology, your cataract surgeon is able to evaluate your cornea and refraction during your surgery. This adds an extra blanket of security, as you know everything is going as it should! This technology is especially useful for patients who have undergone LASIK or another type of refractive surgery. It is also helpful for people who chose a premium IOL implant, or those who have astigmatism. All of these factors can complicate a cataract surgery, but with the ORA™ system, everything is a lot less complicated. Interested in cataract surgery with the ORA™ system? Contact our expert cataract surgeons at Bausch Eye Associates. We are here for you every step of the way. Don’t wait for your vision to get worse! Call us or request your cataract consultation online!

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