YAG Laser Treatment

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What is a laser capsulotomy?

Laser capsulotomy is a procedure that is sometimes performed after cataract surgery. Over time, the lens inserted during cataract surgery can develop a “film” behind it which can cause symptoms similar to that of the original cataract. The laser capsulotomy procedure is performed to create an opening in the film to restore lost vision. Do I need a laser capsulotomy? If you notice that your vision has worsened since your cataract surgery, you should consult your ophthalmologist who can then run a full eye exam to determine if a laser capsulotomy is needed.

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What happens if it is determined I should have a laser capsulotomy?

The laser capsulotomy procedure does not require going into the operating room, nor does it involve an incision into the eye. The painless procedure will improve your vision very quickly and you do not have to alter any activities. Laser capsulotomy is extremely safe, and very rarely do complications related to the procedure occur, and should be discussed with your ophthalmologist before undergoing the procedure. Please contact the Bausch Eye Associates for more information.