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Why Are My Eyes So Tired and Fatigued?

Do your eyes feel gritty, tired, or exhausted after a long day? There are a lot of reasons to contribute to eye fatigue. Whether you’re spending hours working in front of a computer or forgetting to blink throughout the day, these habits can contribute to your eyes feeling like they are working overtime. Keep reading… Read More

4 Ways Getting PRK in Allentown Gives You the Visual Freedom You Want

When it comes to achieving freedom from glasses and contact lenses, most people think that the only solution is LASIK. Although LASIK is popular, there are other ways to make your dreams of visual freedom a reality!  Because LASIK is a surgical procedure, you need to be a candidate before you can undergo it. Not… Read More

Is Blurry Vision Always Due to Cataracts?

Are you concerned because your vision is suddenly blurry? Although blurry vision is one of the most common signs of having a cataract, it’s also a very common thing to have. For many people, having blurry vision doesn’t always mean you have cataracts. Keep reading to learn more about why your sight could be blurry… Read More

Why Having LASIK Will Make Living in Allentown Feel Brand New

Considering LASIK? There’s no time like the present to have this life-changing vision correction procedure!  Sure, you can get LASIK any time of the year, but the summer is a fantastic time to have it. Need convincing? Keep reading to find out why having LASIK will make living in Allentown feel brand new! 

4 Reasons To Consider The PanOptix Trifocal Intraocular Lens in Allentown

Do you have cataracts? Are you tired of them affecting how you live your life? Chances are, it’s time to start thinking about having cataract surgery, which is the only effective treatment for cataracts. The good news about cataract surgery is that it’s also one of the most commonly performed medical procedures you can undergo…. Read More

Why Are Eye Exams an Important Part of Your Health?

Eye exams can help ophthalmologists identify vision changes. They’re also critical for finding problems like cataracts and glaucoma. Did you know eye exams may also show symptoms of diseases that can affect your entire body? Keep reading to learn why eye exams are an important part of your health!

6 Reasons To Consider LASIK

Are you tired of glasses and contact lenses? Since becoming FDA approved in 1999, LASIK has changed millions of people’s lives. If you’re a qualified candidate for the procedure, LASIK can provide you with the visual freedom you’ve always wanted but have never been able to achieve. You may even know someone who has already… Read More