4 Ways Getting PRK in Allentown Gives You the Visual Freedom You Want

When it comes to achieving freedom from glasses and contact lenses, most people think that the only solution is LASIK. Although LASIK is popular, there are other ways to make your dreams of visual freedom a reality! 

Because LASIK is a surgical procedure, you need to be a candidate before you can undergo it. Not everyone will qualify for it, and that’s okay. 

If you found out that you’re not a LASIK candidate, but you’re still craving a way to see without boundaries, you may be a better fit for something like PRK instead. Keep reading for 4 ways getting PRK in Allentown gives you the visual freedom you want!

What is PRK?

Photorefractive Keratectomy

Before considering any vision correction procedure, it’s necessary to understand what it is. PRK is a highly similar procedure to LASIK, down to patients’ experience as they recover. But the most significant difference between the two procedures is there’s no flap created during PRK. 

How LASIK Works

With LASIK, your surgeon will create a flap in your cornea, essential for reshaping the cornea. Reshaping the cornea is how refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are permanently corrected. The flap doesn’t require bandages, sutures, or stitches since it heals on its own as you recover from LASIK.

How PRK Works

During PRK, the cornea is still permanently reshaped to correct refractive errors, but no flap is created. Instead, your surgeon removes the outer layer of the cornea, called the epithelium. They’ll reshape the cornea using a laser and then leave the epithelium to heal. 

Why PRK is Safer Than LASIK if You’re Not a LASIK Candidate

If you’re not a good candidate for LASIK, PRK is a safer choice. For people who can’t get LASIK, PRK is safer if you have corneas that are too thin. 

When your corneas are too thin, getting LASIK can cause serious complications or problems with your vision. Because there is no flap created during PRK, it’s an effective and safe method of vision correction for these patients. 

Another reason why PRK may be safer than LASIK is if you have dry eye syndrome. Having dry eyes is something that getting LASIK can exacerbate during the healing process.

The Advantages of Visual Freedom After PRK

What’s not to love about knowing you can look forward to visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses after PRK? There are some advantages, like:

1. Seeing the Great Allentown Fair with Nothing Holding You Back

Can you believe that this year’s Great Allentown Fair is right around the corner? Fairs are always a great time, but what’s not fun is dealing with glasses when you’re trying to ride the Cliff Hanger or the Sea Ray. 

two women at fair

There’s a good chance that trying to enjoy one of these rides will result in your glasses falling off your face or becoming damaged in some way. If you remember to wear contact lenses, your eyes may become irritated because the rides move at fast speeds. 

It may mean that you need to find somewhere to adjust your contact or try to suffer through it. Instead, wouldn’t you prefer to focus on all the delicious fair foods around you, like fried dough, cotton candy, or the Great Chili Bowl Contest? 

Getting PRK means you can put your prior frustrations with visual aids behind you and enjoy the fair with nothing holding you back. Don’t forget to check out some of the great acts performing, like AJR, Carrie Underwood, and Toby Keith!

2. You’ve Never Seen a Waterfall with Such Perfect Clarity Before

There are plenty of natural splendors to enjoy in Lehigh Valley. You don’t have to venture very far from Allentown to see some gorgeous waterfalls! 

Start in Lehigh Gorge State Park, which has plenty of hiking for beginners. But if you’re hunting waterfalls, go to Luke’s Falls, which is along the Lehigh Gorge Trail and slightly south of the Rockport Access Area. 

Both Buttermilk Falls and Luke’s Falls can be found here after doing some downhill walking. It is more than worth it to see waterfalls; no holds barred. 

After all, if you’ve only ever experienced the beauty that is Mother Nature with glasses or contact lenses, you’re in for a significant, beautiful change. Did you know that your prescription after PRK is significantly improved compared to anything you ever had when you wore visual aids? 

If it feels like you see everything with new crisp, perfect clarity that you’ve never had before, it’s because you are. When you had glasses or contact lenses, the way you saw may have been okay or even decent at best. 

But it can’t hold a candle to the way you’ll be able to view even the simplest things, like leaves on a tree, after having PRK and recovering from it. It’s more than worth it to change your life in such an incredible way!

3. Enjoy Every Last Drop of Summer During Your Next Beach Day

You only have to go about thirty minutes outside of Allentown to find Beltzville State Park. This state park is just over 3,000 acres and features a sand beach as well as picnic pavilions. 

Take a day trip to this popular destination and cool off! Although PRK does have a longer recovery period than LASIK, once you have recovered, you’ll be able to go back to doing everything you love. 

Are you tired of beach days that involve sand irritating your contact lenses or trying to go tubing and losing your glasses in the process? These are summer difficulties that make your carefree days harder than they need to be. 

Once you have PRK, swimming, reading in the sand, and boating will be the breeze that they should be. The best part? PRK is a permanent procedure, so you’ll have many, many summers of clear vision to look forward to!

4. Book a Night at the Renaissance Allentown Hotel for a Staycation

There’s nothing like exploring where you live with a brand new view of the world! Located in the heart of downtown Allentown, the Renaissance Allentown hotel has everything you could ever want, right at your fingertips. 

If you’re looking to relax, your search is over. With PRK, you’ll no longer need to deal with remembering contact lens solution, extra contacts, or a spare pair of glasses whenever you leave the house. 

Want to enjoy the nightlife? Start with an evening at the Dime, the hotel’s premier restaurant featuring locally inspired and Pennsylvanian American cuisine. Continue your evening and stop in for a cocktail at Grille 3501 or the Hamilton Kitchen & Bar

You won’t have to think about if you’ve left your contacts in your eyes for too long, or if you misplaced your glasses when you left your hotel room. Instead, you can see clearly, whether you’re wandering around downtown or simply imbibing the best cocktails. 

PRK will change your life, even if you don’t realize it until after you’ve finally achieved the visual freedom you’ve been waiting for!

Ready to take the next step? Request an appointment at Bausch Eye Associates, conveniently located in Allentown, PA, today, and get on the path to seeing clearly!