6 Reasons to Choose Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery in Allentown this Winter

Are you tired of feeling like cataracts dictate how you live your life? It may be time to consider having laser-assisted cataract surgery to regain your clear vision and independence.

Having your cataracts removed by having laser-assisted cataract surgery ensures that your procedure is as precise and accurate as possible. At Bausch Eye Associates, we perform laser-assisted refractive cataract surgery using the LenSx laser. Keep reading to learn about 6 reasons to choose laser-assisted cataract surgery in Allentown this winter!

1.    Hike the Saucon Rail Trail with Your Family

family on trail

If you have cataracts, you may find that they make even the simplest things like being active outside more challenging. With foggy vision that can make you feel unsafe, you may turn down offers to spend time with your family.

But after laser-assisted cataract surgery, you can look forward to crisper, clearer vision that won’t let you down, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities like the Saucon Rail Trail in Lehigh Valley. This trail is just over seven miles long and filled with plenty of beautiful scenery to take in while you walk.

If you’re worried about recovery, don’t, because you’ll be back on your feet with some of the best eyesight you’ve ever had soon after having had laser-assisted cataract surgery.

2.    Enjoy Great Skiing at Bear Creek Mountain Resort

Love skiing? You’ll find some of the best skiing at nearby Bear Creek Mountain Resort. Before having your cataracts removed, skiing may have been another much-loved activity that you’ve given up. If you thought you loved skiing before laser-assisted cataract surgery, just wait until you have the procedure.

man skiing

You’ll be able to let loose and experience every moment without thinking about having impaired vision in the back of your mind. You’ll also be safer now that cataracts won’t increase your risk of falling, even when you’re not skiing. If it sounds liberating, that’s because it is, and after you have had laser-assisted cataract surgery, it will be your new reality.

3.    Go to a Show at Miller Symphony Hall

Closeup of violin being played

During the holiday season, there’s not much better than enjoying the season’s music, especially when a professional orchestra is performing it for you. Miller Symphony Hall is home to the Allentown Symphony Orchestra and the perfect place to come if you want to get into the holiday spirit!

Navigating any symphony hall usually includes stairs and a lot of walking to get to your seat. This can be incredibly challenging if you have cataracts.

Many cataract patients say that having them is like trying to look through a foggy or dirty window. Before, when you still had cataracts, it may have been discouraging to try and maneuver in new places, but you can put all that behind you once you choose to have laser-assisted cataract surgery.

There’s no reason to feel like you need to sit on the sidelines since you’ll have crystal-clear vision. With your new and improved vision, you’ll be able to take on any task, no matter what it may be.

4.    Take Care of Holiday Shopping at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem

people christmas shopping

It’s the season for hot chocolate, family visits, and holiday shopping, not struggling to see. After taking care of your cataracts, the best way to get into the holiday spirit is at the Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem.

After all, this family event is one of the best holiday markets you can find in the country, according to Travel + Leisure. It becomes easier to enjoy these events with your grandchildren and other family members when you know that your vision won’t hold you back.

Where you once may have felt like you had to rely on others to do even the simplest tasks, having laser-assisted cataract surgery is freeing and a way of regaining your autonomy. See all the tiny, beautiful details on the handmade ornaments while perusing gifts that the whole family will love for years to come. Christkindlmarkt runs from Friday, November 19, on weekends until December 19th!

5.    Learn All There is to Know About Cars at America on Wheels Museum

Whether you have a grandchild that loves everything about cars, or you’re an enthusiast yourself, there’s nothing better than stopping by Allentown’s America on Wheels Museum for an afternoon. If you don’t love cars, you can also look at the Out & About: A Collection of Purses & Clutches Pop Up Exhibit that’s being shown now.

Vintage car

Keeping up with your grandchildren can be a lot to handle, so knowing that your vision is at its best after having your cataracts removed will make relishing the exhibits at America on Wheels Museum that much better. Not to mention, you’ll have eyesight that’s more vibrant if you choose a premium lens for your laser-assisted cataract surgery.

That means saying goodbye to glare, halos, and other frustrating visual disturbances. Seeing clearly has never been so easy!

6.    Catch a Lehigh Valley Phantoms Game at PPL Center

fans celebrating hockey league

Hockey lovers of all ages are fans of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. There’s no doubt that in the Lehigh Valley, hockey in the winter is one of the best ways to spend some time with people you love!

Cheering on a game when you have cataracts may make you feel depressed since you can’t see everything going on. Save your next Lehigh Valley Phantoms game as a treat after you’ve recovered from laser-assisted cataract surgery. With crisper vision, you’ll be able to see the puck and all the action, no matter what seats you may have.

You’ll also be able to reduce your dependence on glasses, making watching any kind of sporting event much more enjoyable. Having more control over what you see and how you see it is a straightforward way to change your life for the better this winter.

Ready to see clearly and say goodbye to your cataracts? Schedule an appointment at Bausch Eye Associates in Allentown, PA, to learn more!