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Outstanding skills, knowledge and clinical judgement. Superb diagnostician


Dr.Bausch just did my second cataract surgery and I havent seen so good since I was a kid. It is life changing! Dr. Bausch and his entire staff are knowledgeable and friendly, they are the BEST!


Absolutely wonderful results from my laser assisted trifocal lens implants. I highly recommend Dr. Bausch and his team. No more glasses ever. Dont be afraid to get an evaluation. The surgery takes about 15 minutes with no pain whatsoever. Only one eye at a time is done, with two weeks between surgeries.


I had been referred to Dr. Bausch for cataract surgery for both of my eyes. The surgery went well and I felt very much at ease with his explanation and process of the procedure. I am so pleased with the outcome and his professional advice on which type of lenses to pick. His staff was friendly and the whole experience was much easier than I expected! I highly recommend his services and will be referring my friends and family to his office. I can see so much better and am so happy that I went with such a knowledgeable and caring doctor!


Dr. Bausch is a consummate professional, a caring provider, and an absolute pleasure to visit. I trust him completely with his maintenance of my vision and associated eye care services. You can search, but you won't find a better doctor to tend to your needs.

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Bausch Eye Associates
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“I had LASIK eye surgery one year ago and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have worn glasses since age seven. I did not remember what it was like to see without glasses. I still marvel when I can see the alarm clock during the night. Being able to see while swimming was awesome. My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii and I am looking forward to snorkeling—an activity that would have been impossible before LASIK! I said it a year ago, and I still say it—it was a miracle!” - C.L.

“As an over-65er that is farsighted, I am ecstatic about the LASIK procedure Dr. Bausch performed on both my eyes. No need for contacts and I enjoy reading while sitting in the hot tub (no glasses). I'd recommend this surgery without reservation.” - T.E.B.

"It's been a year since my procedure. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. My whole life has changed! It's wonderful to really see again! Bright and crisp images! It was worth every dime! I would recommend it to everyone!" - F.Y.

"I had corrective surgery 7 months ago, where mono-vision was utilized. This has been the most miraculous and gratifying experience. I can actually thread a needle without any type of corrective lenses. The freedom to swim, ski, etc., is exhilarating." - S.H.S.

“My cataract operation was an immediate success. Amazing is the word. I have been so happy that I had the operation. I am having the second one done very soon.” - J. M. H.

"I've been just lovin' my new eyes! I want to thank you and the Doc for such a great experience and for giving me what I've been wanting since 3rd grade... great vision! Two of my friends told me that I smile so much more and I'm much more outgoing with people. I have another appointment with Dr. Sankari to have my eyes checked for the pressures (I go every 6 months), but since I had the surgery, the pressure has gone down to 22 (from 25) in each eye! Still above normal, but we will continue to keep a check on it. Since then, a lot of my friends and family seemed to be intrigued by this procedure. I tell them about my experience and right now, Jackie, I am your best PR person out there!" - P.M.